How do I create a Printsmart account?
  • A Printer/Copier account is automatically created for all new students. Sign in using your MacID and your password. Your MacID must be active/enabled in order to use the system.
  • Please note: returning students MUST re-activate your MacID by October 14th of each year.
  • Any time you experience problems accessing your Printsmart account feel free to submit a Problem Report
How do I add funds to my account?
  • You can add funds by clicking on the Printsmart icon on any public computer, or by going to printsmart.mcmaster.ca on your own computer
  • Unused credits are not refundable and the account will expire in a few months after your MacID is de-activated
  • There is now an option to transfer your Printsmart account balance to another Printsmart account at any time. Now you can pass the funds along to a friend or sibling when you leave McMaster!
What can I do and how much does it cost?
  • All Printer/Copiers offer black & white or colour, as either single or double sided copies
  • Scanning to email, as an pdf attachment, is also available
  • View the complete Pricelist
What happens if I don't logout?
  • If you do not logout once you are done printing, your account remains open for the next user and they could end up doing printing on your account
  • When copying, you must remember to LOGOUT to prevent the next user from using your account without your permission. To do this Press the Person icon. It is the responsibility of each users to make sure this step is done to avoid value being lost.
Can I copy/print in colour?
  • Yes. All multi-function devices are capable of copying and printing in full colour as well as black and white.
How much are copies/prints/scans?
Is 2-sided copying/printing cheaper?
  • Yes. With the roll out of the Printsmart software, it is possible to charge for different sizes as well as to charge accordingly for copying/printing on both sides. Cost for Black & White, double-sided is 9 cents per side. Your Printsmart account can also show you how sustainable your personal copying activities are. Make sure you check out the new environmental dashboard!
Can I print from my personal laptop?
  • Yes, using the web printing option 

  • When connecting wirelessly, make sure you go through MacSecure NOT MacConnect

  • You may have problems accessing the network through ResNet.  You will first need to logon to the campus VPN serverwith your MacID, then go back to the Printsmart download page. For more information on VPN check out the UTS Network page.

How long do print jobs stay in the queue?
  • If not printed, released jobs will remain in the queue for 48 hours
Can I scan?
How do I use the system?

If you are sending a print job from a public computer, you will be prompted to log into PrintSmart with your MacID and password, then select the type of printing required..  You can then release the print job (or do copying or scanning) at the Printer/Copier, using these instructions.

Where can I report problems if I'm having difficulty using the equipment?

  • Students can report problems to the Help Desk on the 2nd floor of Mills Library, in the Learning Commons during term time
    • Hours:  Monday to Thursday (10am to 10pm), Friday (10am to 6pm), Saturday (10:30am to 6pm), Sunday (noon to 10pm)
  • Information sheets located at the library Help desks and Service Desks
  • If there is a quality issue with the device, please complete a Problem Reporting form, although most problems can be resolved by the Help desk support team
How do I know which devices copy and which print?
  • All devices will print and copy. Your print job can be released at any Printer/Copier in any library or residence.
  • If the closest device is not available or busy, you can use another device to retrieve your job.
Can I print from the Reader/Printers in Mills library?
  • Yes. The same Reader Printers are available on the 3rd floor of Mills library. As with all of the Printer/copiers in the libraries, the Reader Printers will also be connected to the Printsmart payment system. Each R/P will have a computer connected to it and your image from Fiche or film will be displayed on the monitor. Using the same procedures to print in other parts of the library, you will then select the print parameters you wish and send it to the Sharp devices to be printed. Both Sharp devices on 3rd floor will include 8 1/2” x 11” (letter) size paper as well as 11” x 17”(ledger) size paper. If both Sharp devices on the 3rd floor are being used, your print jobs can be printed at any device in any library.
Can I print on paper larger than letter size?(8 1/2" x 11")
  • With the exception of Maps library, located on the 1st floor of Mills and the Sharp devices on the 3rd floor which allow you to print on 11"x17" paper, the only paper available in the library MFD’s is letter size.

    It is very important that you check ALL print settings to prevent jobs being lost and value being charged for that error. The library is not responsible for errors made by the user. Always check the print/copy settings, particularly, proper paper size, B&W vs Colour, single-sided vs double-sided features.