Your Account

Your McMaster Student Print/Copy/Scanning Account

As soon as you are enrolled at McMaster a Printsmart account is created for you. Simply log in, using your MAC ID and password, on one of the Online Pay Stations located in either the Mills Memorial or Health Science library, or click on the Printsmart icon on a public computer, or go to on your own computer, to add value to your account.

Please note: Any funds that are left in an account when it expires becomes the property of McMaster University and will not be refunded. As of August 2014, there is now an option for transferring your account balance to someone else's Printsmart acount at any time. Now you can pass the funds along to a friend or sibling when you leave McMaster!

When you are ready to print or copy a document you will be asked to sign in. Use your MAC ID and password to do so. The costs of printing will be deducted from your account. Be careful not to ask one of the campus copiers to print a document that is not 8.5” X 11” without indicating that it should resize the document manually, as these devices do not resize automatically. Your print job will not be printed and you will still be charged for the copy.

And ALWAYS remember to log off when you are done copying and printing. Otherwise your account is open to the next person to use the machine.