General Public - Payment Information

Payment Information

Your McMaster General Public Print/Copy Account

If you are enrolled here at McMaster, your Print/Copy account has already been created for you. Simply log in, using your MAC ID and password, to add value to your account.

If you are a staff member who wishes to do personal copying, you too can simply log in using your MAC ID and password.  If you need to do some administrative or research copying please talk to staff at the library service desks to hear about what options are available.

If you are not a student, or member of faculty or staff, you will need to use a library computer to set up your Printsmart account. Look for the Printsmart box in the upper right corner of the monitor, then click on "create a general public account" and follow the instructions.

When you are ready to print or copy a document you will be asked to sign in. Use your new Printsmart ID (which will look like gp-xxxxx)  and password to do so. The costs of printing will be deducted from your account. Be careful of asking one of the public devices to print a document that is not 8.5” X 11” without indicating it should resize the document manually, as these devices do not resize automatically. Your print job will not be printed and you will still be charged for the copy.

And ALWAYS remember to log off when you are done copying and printing. Otherwise your account is open to the next person to use the machine.