General Public

Instructions on use of Printsmart for General Public users

McMaster University provides all users with public photocopiers which offer  copying, printing and scanning services.  You must create your own Printsmart account to use these devices. Payment is handled through online accounts accessed by usernames and passwords. All general public accounts expire, and any funds associated with them, after 60 days of inactivity. As long as you make one impression before that time, the account will remain open indefinitely.

Information about Printsmart accounts, how to print, copy and scan, and the associated pricing can be found by clicking the tabs on the left of this page. More information on the default settings can be found below. 

Remember to log out after completing your print/copy job, or your account can be accessed by the next person to use the machine. As well, be sure to check the printing options before releasing a print job, as the printer will retain the setting of the last user - this means you could be charged for a colour copy instead of the black and white copy you wanted.

DEFAULT SETTINGS:  The default setting for PC's is Black & White and two-sided (duplexed). On a Mac the settings associated with the document being printed determines what the print settings are. Please check your print properties as these settings can be changed at the time you submit a printing request. We’d suggest that you check the difference in cost prior to doing so.

Each time you submit a print job you will be provided with an estimated cost for that print job AND the balance in your Printsmart account. This information can be used as a double-check to make sure you are printing what you want BEFORE you hit the Submit button.

When doing double-sided copying, the machine read both sides of an original at once when using the document feeder. You will no longer see the shuffling back and forth that other copiers do. As well, most of these devices only print on 8.5” X 11” paper. This is for environmental, practical and cost reasons.

Please note that with the exception of the copier located outside the Maps library on the 1st floor of Mills and the photocopier on the 3rd floor of Mills, which allow you to print on 11"x17" paper, the only paper available in the library photocopiers is letter size.

For information on how to print and copy, you can check out the How Library Stuff Works video on printing in the library. If you still have questions submit a problem report.