Getting Started

All copying, printing and scanning is now done on multi-functional machines which are accessed using your MacID and password.

Add money to your Printsmart account for printing/copying/scanning

  1. Visit an online pay station in either the Mills Memorial or Health Sciences library,or click on the Printsmart icon on any public computer, or go to on your personal computer.
  2. Log in using your MacID and password.
  3. Please note: Any funds that are left in an account when it expires becomes the property of McMaster University and will not be refunded. As of August 2014, there is now an option for transferring your account balance to someone else's Printsmart acount at any time. Now you can pass the funds along to a friend or sibling when you leave McMaster!

You may now access your account by using your MacID and password to login when completing a print or copy job, or to scan to email.. Be sure to log out of your account once you are done printing or copying.

As well, it is important to check the printing options before releasing a print job, as the printer will retain the settings from the last user - this means you could be charged for a colour copy instead of the black-and-white copy you wanted. More information about the default settings follows below.

Download the Printsmart client to your personal computing device

To be able to access the Printsmart system from your personal laptop, whether at home or on campus, you must download the Printsmart client once to your computing device. 

NOTE: to send print jobs from off-campus you will first need to logon to the campus VPN server with your MacID, then choose the Printsmart printer option when completing your printing request. For more information on VPN check out the UTS Network page.

Printing from a public computing device

Using a library  PC or Mac computer to send a job to the printer as you would at home. PC's are defaulted to 2-sided, B&W, while Mac's are defaulted to Automatic. You can change these settings by going to the print properties for the document you are trying to print.

You will be prompted for your MacID and password, then the cost of your print job will be calculated. You will have a chance to cancel at this point if you aren't happy with the proposed cost (perhaps you had asked for colour printing and didn't realize it?) and can start again, until you are happy with the cost. Once you accept the cost preview you can then go to any printer/copier to release your print job.

Releasing your print documents

Printer/Copier Log-In Procedures [THIS NEEDS TO BE UPDATED A LOT]

1.  Press “OK”
2.  UserID - Enter your MacID
3.  Password - Enter your MacID password
4.  At the top of the display are 4 options:
     a. Print & Go - Print everything in your queue and automatically log-out
     b. Print - Print specific print jobs from your print queue
     c. Copier - Use the device as a copier

Remember to logout when you are finished [press the * on the screen]

Copying (not printing) information

When copying, enter your MacID and password at the copier, and select COPY as an option.

The copier will open its features for you so you can select things like 2-sided, enlarge/reduce, etc.

The START buttons are to the right - B&W (10¢) or Colour (25¢)

Remember to logout when you are finished [press the * on the screen]

Scanning using our multi-functional device

With the introduction of the new Printsmart platform you can now scan materials using the public multi-functional devices. Please note you can only scan to an email address - the output will be a pdf attachment to your email. 

Still having trouble or have questions?

  • You can report problems to the IT Help Desk (x 20014) at Mills Library during term time, or ask for assistance at the closest Service Desk.
  • Check out these FAQ's and How To's