How to Add Value to your Account

CREDIT or DEBIT: Add value to your account ONLINE NOW using your debit or credit card.  

Funds can be added in increments of $5, $10, $20 and $50 at one time. We suggest you only add what value you think you will use over the term. Unused funds are non-refundable. Effective August 2014 there is also now an option to transfer a Printsmart account balance to another Printsmart account. 

NOTE: If you have a new 16-digit VISA/DEBIT card please choose the Visa/MC payment option, NOT the Interac Online payment option.  

Participating banks:  BMO, CIBC, RBC, TD CanadaTrust and Scotia banks.   

For CIBC users, please go to your bank and ask to have your card replaced with a CIBC Advantage card (at no cost) - this card is a VISA/DEBIT card which can be used to add value to your Printsmart account, using the VISA/MC payment option.

Please note many local credit unions do not participate in Interac Online. Other cards which may not work are: Scotia Scene debit cards, President's Choice debit cards

If you are not able to add value using one of these payment types, please see staff at any of the Library Services Desks, who can provide you with other options.